About Deb's Camp Doodle

You've made an excellent decision to add a doodle to your life! Doodles are highly intelligent, eager students, and have a great sense of fun. They are loyal beyond compare, willing to offer kisses, wags and cuddles at the drop of a paw, and have a zest for life with a tender, unconditionally-loving heart. Giving your puppy a great training foundation on which to build is essential to having your dog reach its full potential.

Deb's Doodles Training Camp for Puppies

Basic Behaviors and Skills

Deb's Camp Doodle provides the learning and exploration experiences necessary to give your puppy a great headstart to life. After three weeks in the Camp Doodle program, your puppy will come to you with greater confidence and a working knowledge of beginner's foundational behaviors, which will make their transition to your home as easy as possible.

At Camp Doodle, your puppy will begin learning basic behaviors and socialization skills through confidence-building enrichment. In a positive, no-force home environment, your puppy will learn about household schedules, introduction to housebreaking and become acquainted with every day life experiences like handling ears/feet/teeth/muzzle, combing/brushing, nail trims, and riding in a car.

After your puppy comes home, it is necessary that you continue building on the skills your puppy will have learned in Camp. Continuing your puppy's training after they settle in to your home will ensure that your puppy grows strong not only physically, but emotionally and intellectually - reaching their full potential.

Deb's Doodles Puppy Camp

... he was ready to go when we got him thanks to Deb's training - only one or two accidents after the initial week. We followed the book she gave us, probably not as religiously as we should, but he tolerated our inexperience pretty well!

--Cheryl, Max's Mom

Foundation for Future Learning

Dogs are furry heroes. They can be incredible therapy dogs helping children and the elderly. As service dogs, they can offer humans a greater quality of life, can alert to diabetes and seizures, as well as other illnesses. Recent studies have shown they are capable of offering empathy to strangers as well as their own loving family. Their list of "human" qualities goes on and on. As a family dog, they will enrich your life and be your best friend every day of the week. Giving them the Camp Doodle headstart on training will provide the foundation necessary to build on all future training.

Congratulations on adding a loving, furry hero to your life!