Camp Doodle Resources

We've put together a list of resources for you to continue your training after camp is over, and your new puppy comes home. In addition to your starter kit, you may want to take advantage of some of these resources that will help build upon the training your puppy has received in Deb's Camp Doodle.

Deb's Doodles Training Camp for Puppies

Take-home Starter Kit

Upon completion of your puppy's stay at Camp Doodle, you will receive a take-home starter kit including:

  • High quality 2-Hounds Design Freedom harness and l4-foot leash
  • Qualty savory, semi-moist training treats
  • 2 Appropriate chew toys (not plush)
  • Yummy chews good for baby teeth/teething - Himalayan chews or bully stick
  • Comb - made by Evolution with rotating teeth, easy on sensitive puppy skin
  • Sample of food from Deb's Doodles
  • Age-appropriate Fitness for Puppies, age 8 weeks -2 years (booklet)


  • The Pet Professional Guild, an international no-force association, a good resource to find a positive, no-force trainer in your area
  • Positively based on positive training by Victoria Stilwell, another resource for finding a trainer in your area. There's also training info for owners
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants is an additional resource for finding a trainer in your area


  • The Other End of the Leash, Patricia McConnell, PhD
  • Perfect Puppy in 7 Days, Dr Sophia Yin, DVM, MS (a misnomer, but user-friendly with some good, positive information)
  • In Defence of Dogs, John Bradshaw (helps understand how dogs think)