Barkworthy 6" Bully Stick
Barkworthy 6" Bully Stick

This is a great way to train your puppy. The minute your puppy starts to chew on something other than acceptable toys, treats, etc., offer this chew instead with a quick and friendly "No! Here, chew on this instead!".

Barkworthies Odor Free Bully Sticks are odor-free and 100% digestible dog chews making them a great alternative to a traditional rawhide! As with all Bully Sticks they are a great way to give your dog an all-natural dog chew that he will love!

The unique shape and texture of our Bully Sticks will promote dental hygiene and encourage good breath. This is a single ingredient product made from free-range, grass-fed, FDA approved Brazilian cattle.

As with all of our products, Barkworthies are additive-free, chemical-free, and preservative-free dog chews. In fact, most Barkworthies products are single-ingredient chews, making them all-natural, 100% healthy and 100% safe for your dog.