Adult Sheepadoodles

We often get asked what our Sheepadoodles will look like as adults. These five are all siblings of the Denali - Winston litter of December, 2016. At 6 months, some of them are starting to grey out.

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Previous Puppies

Our Sheepadoodle Puppies come in a variety of colors, just as Odle English Sheepdogs do. The Blue Poodles and the Grey and White Parti Moms will allow the brindles and the browns and blacks to come through moreso than the Black and White Parti Poodle Moms.

While the majority of our Sheepadoodle puppies from all Moms are normally black and white, some have brindle, tri-color, and mostly black abstract puppies. We've shown here examples from each of our litters so you can see what to expect.

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