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Deb's Doodles Review

Just wanted to share some photos of Teddy with you! I have referred a lot of people to you that fell in love with Teddy. He is an absolute sweetheart and the best dog we've ever had or seen! He is so kind, playful and loving that you couldn't ask for anything more! Thank you for breeding such amazing dogs! You're absolutely the best!

Daria and Erin


Deb's Doodles Review

We are completely smitten with our sweet girl, Virginia. She brings so much joy to our family and our neighborhood. Everybody loves Ginny! We can't thank you enough. (Lady Jane's Purple Flower Girl)

Joe S.


Deb's Doodles Review

Wanted to share an update on Duke and share some pics. At 11 weeks he has exceeded our wildest dreams. Duke is the best. He loves to cuddle and play and is growing like crazy. He's great with the kids, and is smart as a whip. He has a great temperament with us and others. Thank you so much and we will continue to share as he continues to grow. Cheers!

The Racich Family


Deb's Doodles Review

Just wanted to update you on Teddy! He just turned one last month and is our favorite camping buddy and fur baby! He is a Redford & Tanner baby. He has already made it to several national parks with us! Thank you so much for this handsome guy, we love him so much!


Deb's Doodles Review

Hey Deb! Just wanted to say thank you for our great pup! She was such a good girl on the drive home. We named her Rory. She is loved immensely by the kids! Here is a pic of her lounging in our backyard.


Deb's Doodles Review

Just wanted to update you on our Finn. He turned 2 in March, and he is a Redford and Olivia baby. He is the best dog. He is so gentle, sweet and well behaved. We love him to pieces. I can't thank you enough for this dog! He has our hearts. I hope all is going well with you! I need a Sheepadoodle in my life some day :)

Emily C


Deb's Doodles Review

We have had such an amazing experience with Deb's Doodles and we cannot recommend her enough. The experience from start to finish was amazing. We got a sheepadoodle, named Jefferson, and he is incredible! He is so friendly and great with our other dogs. We sent Jefferson to the Puppy Camp provided by Deb, and that also was a top-notch experience. We were sent pictures and updates about Jefferson and shown all the progress he was making. When we finally picked him up he was almost fully house trained, knew how to sit, high-five, lay down, and much more. All of this and he was still only 3.5 months old! Jefferson has one of the best personalities we have ever seen in a dog. He is incredibly friendly, calm, and great with other people and dogs. If you are considering a doodle of any type I would absolutely recommend Deb and her Puppy Camp. If you are thinking about a sheepadoodle, we think the breed is amazing.



Deb's Doodles Review

Happy 4th from Dash! He is from Denali/Winston's Dec '16 litter. He is a wonderful dog, very patient with all the kids in the neighborhood. We are so happy with him!


5 Years Old!

Deb's Doodles Review

I just wanted to contact you to tell you that our goldendoodle that we bought from you is 5 years old today. We have never been happier with this member of our family. Thank you for matching her up with us.

Fran and Jeff R


Deb's Doodles Review

Max - Oct 12th litter from Murray and Maggie. He's a great guy. Loves to hike and will hike with me for hours. He is very considerate and follows "Stay with Me" and "Whoa" commands to slow his pace when we're taking on the ups and downs of the Appalachian Trail. We spent the morning at Harper's Ferry with a few hundred kids and he enjoyed all of the petting and excited kids. He has a great temperament and he managed not to jump up on a single person. As far as having him trained in the bootcamp before we got him, he was ready to go when we got him thanks to Deb's training - only one or two accidents after the initial week. We followed the book she gave us, probably not as religiously as we should but he tolerated our inexperience pretty well. Thanks for a beautiful puppy. We're extremely happy with our guy!

Cheryl B.


Deb's Doodles Review

We received Toby from Deb's Doodles a month ago and have been nothing but happy with our dog. He is a dream come true. He has been the perfect addition to my family (boys 8 and 10). Deb was amazing from start to finish and made the whole experience wonderful. Toby is in great health, loving, smart, and fun. We are so grateful for Toby and Deb. Toby receives so much attention everywhere we go because he is a show stopper.

The Evans


Deb's Doodles Review

Stella turned 2 last month and she's still doing great! She became a big sister this month and absolutely loves her baby brother, Braden. I've attached some pictures for you. Thank you again for our first baby! :) Hope all is well!



Deb's Doodles Review

Ripley is doing great! She is a super sweet, very smart and wonderful girl. Everyone in our family adores her and she has fit in perfectly! As you assured me, she is my big lap dog:) She weighs 33 lbs. now, but still thinks she can squeeze in between us on the couch as if she's a tiny puppy!

Matt T.


Deb's Doodles Review

My husband and I purchased our Goldendoodle, Scout, from you almost 5 years ago. Today is Scout's 5th birthday, and I just wanted to tell you how thankful we are every day for the sweetest dog. We simply couldn't imagine a more perfect companion for our family. We now have two young children and he is the most loving, obedient, and tolerant dog I have ever met. My friend is putting a down payment on one of your dogs today because she loves Scout so much. In fact, we have two other friends that bought dogs from you because of Scout. I am just tickled by the fact that another person wants a Debs' Doodle because of our sweet boy who just happens to be celebrating his 5th birthday today. Thank you again for bringing such wonderful dogs into this world!

Lesley J


Deb's Doodles Review

Our experience with Deb at Debsdoodles was by far the Best. Deb is very interested in doing ALL she can for you, in every way!!!! Deb is always ready to answer any and all questions you may have regarding before the birth of your puppy and plus after you have your puppy home with you. Our puppy is absolutely the best, she is very social and the perfect puppy. We certainly recommend Deb to anyone interested in purchasing a puppy!!!

Tim and Linda B


Deb's Doodles Review

We want you to know that we are thrilled with our new family member and companion. She has adapted beautifully to life in our household beginning on day #1. She is loving, sweet, fun, goofy and very smart. Perhaps a prodigy!! Ha ha. Campbell has brightened our lives and our home. We want to thank you, Paisley and Redford for giving us such a wonderful friend.

Karen and Lew


Deb's Doodles Review

This is Emma, a Mandy and Redford baby born March, 2015. She is such a joy and a wonderful companion, and is full of love for everyone she meets. Emma loves to go places in the car, meeting new people and new dogs. She is so very friendly and outgoing. She is quite smart and easy to train. Emma took to crate training early and though she is very attached to her people, she shows no signs of separation anxiety. Potty training was easy and mostly done by the time she was old enough to come home. Emma has lots of energy, enjoys her play-time and her walks, though she is not a morning-person and definitely likes to sleep in. We both work away from home, so Emma spends most weekdays at doggy daycare. She is well-loved by the people and the dogs there, and is so sociable she is often the dog they put with dogs who are a little nervous about being there. Emma has been in great health from the beginning, and the only downside of Emma is that we joke we have to build in "P.R. time" whenever we go anywhere with her, because everyone wants to pet and talk about Emma.

Victor A

Cooper Duke

Deb's Doodles Review

Attached is a picture of Cooper Duke. He was out of Maggie and Murray's litter. He is 24 lbs and a great puppy. He goes to the door when he has to potty and has since day one slept in his crate all night long. He is extremely smart and is currently enrolled in Puppy Class (even though he knew everything before he went!). He sits, stays, downs, rolls over, walks on a leash, goes to his crate when he is tired and sleeps with the gate open, jumps through the agility ring, goes through the weave poles, gives you "high five" and "both paws up high", and he retrieves all day long if you will throw his toys for him. He has been groomed already once and they said he was great! He loves people, especially kids. We can't imagine our world without him. Thank you so much for an amazing addition to our family.

Connie G


Deb's Doodles Review

Hi Deb! Our daughter, Hope, did a presentation on Goldendoodles for school and thought you'd like to see it.

We love Murphy!

Karen H


Deb's Doodles Review

We can't imagine life without our little Bo man. He is perfect. He makes us smile daily. He loves his daycare and sleeping in the bathtub and shower. He listens well but can be mischievous. We love our best buddy.

Megan P


Deb's Doodles Review

Our beloved Winston (born 10/25/15, one of eight puppies born to Mandy and Redford) is just the love of our lives. From the moment we picked him out, we knew he'd be the perfect addition to our family. When we brought him home on Christmas eve, it took him very little time to adapt to our home. He is inquisitive and VERY smart. In fact, it only took a few weeks for him to learn how to use the potty bells! He started puppy training in early January, and he did marvelously, learning simple commands like sit, down, and look/focus. He's received stellar reports from his veterinarian, and he has no chronic health issues. His demeanor is just so sweet and kind; there's nothing like coming home to his puppy hugs and kisses!

Courtney P


Deb's Doodles Review

My name is April. I am 3 years old and I live in Leesburg, VA with my sister Chloe (Yorkiepoo) and my loving family John, Wendy, Lexi, and Gwen. I always love to follow John wherever he goes, because I don't like him out of my sight. I love to go on daily long walks and meet other dog owners and their dogs. I get along with every dog I have met so far. I love my dog treat rewards for good behavior! I just wanted you and my Mom and Dad to know that I miss them and love them as well as you and my other family, but I am living in a very loving home and enjoy my forever family. They give me lots of affection and I do the same in return.

April, Chloe, John, Wendy, Lexi, and Gwen B


Deb's Doodles Review

We brought home our Harley 4 months ago and what a joy he has brought to our lives. The total experience with Debbie was amazing from the moment we saw our little guy's picture to the day we drove up to bring him home. Not having had a puppy for 12 years we decided to hire a puppy trainer. From the first training session the handler was amazed at how smart he was and how fast he learned. I just can't say enough good about Harley and Deb's Doodles!

C Dowd


Deb's Doodles Review

I can't say enough good things about Debbie! We made the decision to bring a goldendoodle into our family and we are so thankful that someone recommended Deb's Doodles to us! We were so pleased with the process from start to finish. She kept us updated on the puppies from birth until the time we went and picked our baby out. She was so helpful and informative. She loves the puppies as if she was keeping every single one of them! We brought our Stanley home in May 2015 and were in love instantly. He is an amazing dog! His personality is pure love and everyone who meets him remarks on what a great dog he is. He's the perfect playmate for my three kids but can also loves to cuddle. He's spunky and curios, but also loyal! He just wants to be with us...a true family dog! I highly recommend Debbie and Debs Doodles if you are looking for a quality goldendoodle!

Les V


Deb's Doodles Review

I just wanted to follow up and let you know how grateful we are to have Alana in our lives. Alana was from the Palin/Max litter of March 2014. We could not have asked for a smarter, sweeter and better dog. When Alana was just 6 months old, my husband got very sick and she stayed by his side until he was better. She is so in tune to people's emotions and is a natural therapy dog. She is very calm around young children. She loves to play in the snow with her friends. She also likes to run on the beach. Her favorite toy is her Chuckit ball. She loves to play fetch. She is a little lovebug and is snuggled next to me on the couch as I'm writing this note to you. I have attached some pictures. Thank you for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives. We love her so much and she is family to us!

Brenda V in Rhode Island


Deb's Doodles Review

Bennett (03/22/15 litter) is 9 months and just about 55lbs now. He has long, lanky legs and hasn't shed a hair. He has two big black freckles on his tongue. It's too cute! He is the definition of a Velcro dog. He is my shadow everywhere I go. On a 30 second trip to the bathroom, he lays on my feet. If I take a shower, his head is peeping through the curtain. He is very attached to his people. No separation anxiety though - he loves his crate! He is an absolute joy and has never met a stranger - human or dog. His favorite places are the beach, the dog park, and Grandma's house. Bennett loves going to daycare each week and all of the outdoor music festivals in Raleigh. He loves kayaking, carrying large sticks on walks, shredding stuffed toys, and jumping through the puddles on rainy days. The only downside to taking Bennett out is EVERYONE has to stop us to ask what breed he is and where he came from! He is just so darn cute!!! When he was neutered at 6 months the vet checked his hips for any signs of hip dysplasia and said that his hips looked fantastic. He has had a clean bill of health from the day we brought him home. I can't thank you enough for my best friend. He has a personality like no other.



Deb's Doodles Review

In December, on Christmas Eve, eve, we picked up this beautiful Goldendoodle from Deborah Gillespie and what a treasure he is to us. Bentley brings us much joy, is full of fun and so, so loving. I don't know what we did without him. He is everything we hoped he would be, very little shedding and such a cuddler. He adores our grandsons and their friends and has been an ideal addition to our family. Thanks Debbie!

Cathy C.


Deb's Doodles Review

We just signed Stinson up for dog training class ... Everyone loves her, they call her "Stinson the Adorable". Our dog trainer says she's in the top 10% of goldendoodle temperament of all the doodles that's he's worked with. Your babies are impressing the world far and wide!!



Deb's Doodles Review

Our puppy is doing great. The kids are doing well with the dog. Eli is getting lots of exercise playing with his new friend down the street! He has been very healthy, no problems whatsoever! He's big! 64 lbs right now! Eli is a beautiful dog and we get compliments all the time.



Deb's Doodles Review

Riley is doing great! We are all very attached to her, she is sooooo loved. She is getting very big and is very happy. She says hello and that she misses you. We will send pictures soon. Thanks for giving us a wonderful new part of our family.



Deb's Doodles Review

I thought you'd like to see how much Scooby has grown! He is such a fun pup, the boys have so much fun with him. They like to wrestle, and Scoobs has the perfect temperament. We have taught him all the basic commands (sit, stay, and down) and now we are working on a few tricks. I'm pretty sure I can get him to jump through a hoola hoop! Thank you so much for this sweet, loving little character, he's a great addition to our family!!



Deb's Doodles Review

Hi Debbie, I thought you might want to hear how DoodleBug is doing. She's a good girl most of the time. Still not housebroken, but definitely getting better. We even left her out in the house for about 3 hours today while we were gone and she didn't have any accidents. She'll get there...still young yet. Ron has taught her to sit and shake hands. Ron has taught her to sit and shake hands. Here's the picture I took today of both DoodleBug and DeeOhGee waiting for 'Daddy' to give them a treat.