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Deb’s Camp Doodle

Deb’s Camp Doodle is a Puppy Training program designed specifically for our Doodles. The training embraces the nature of Doodles and provides a great foundation for your puppy.

Doodles are highly intelligent, eager students, and have a great sense of fun. Our training program is perfect for those wanting a head-start on obedience and basic training.

about the training

Camp Overview

Deb’s Camp Doodle is a 3-week board-and-train experience for puppies. Your puppy will be trained by our full-time trainer at her home for a period of 3 weeks.

Deb’s Camp Doodle provides the learning and exploration experiences necessary to give your puppy a great headstart to life. After three weeks in the Camp Doodle program, your puppy will come to you with greater confidence and a working knowledge of beginner’s foundational behaviors, which will make their transition to your home as easy as possible.

Our trainer is highly skilled and uses positive training methods. The training begins immediately after the puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks, and lasts for 3 weeks.

Deb’s Camp Doodle is offered at a price of $2400, and includes a leash and collar. Your puppy will also receive the second set of vaccinations.

What & How Will My Puppy Learn 

At Deb’s Camp Doodle, your puppy will begin learning basic behaviors and socialization skills through confidence-building enrichment in a positive, no-force environment.

Your puppy will never be scared or made uncomfortable in the name of training. It is gentle, kind, effective and sensitive to the fact that puppies are babies. To remain engaged, learning sessions are short and spaced over the course of the day.

    At Deb’s Camp Doodle, your puppy will begin learning basic behaviors and socialization skills through confidence-building enrichment in a positive, no-force environment.

    Your puppy will never be scared or made uncomfortable in the name of training. It is gentle, kind, effective and sensitive to the fact that puppies are babies. To remain engaged, learning sessions are short and spaced over the course of the day.

      Crate Familiarization

      Your puppy will learn where they will go in and out of their crate on command and learn ho to sleep in their crate with no problem at night.

      Leash Training

      Your puppy will learn to walk on a leash without being dragged or pulling.

      Basic Commands

      Your puppy will learn basic commands including sit, down, wait and a recall (come after they wait).

      They will be taught several times per day, and when they are first taken out of their crate or pen, they will be taken outside to potty. They should be well on their way to being house trained when they go home.

      After your puppy comes home, it is necessary that you continue building on the skills your puppy will have learned in Camp. Continuing your puppy’s training after they settle in to your home will ensure that your puppy grows strong not only physically, but emotionally and intellectually.

      You will receive video and text updates throughout the process so you can monitor your puppy’s progress. When it is time to pick up your puppy, your trainer will show you how to continue the training.

        puppy training speciliast

        Meet Kim

        Kim Matson is a puppy training specialist. Kim holds a Masters of Science degree in Animal Science from Virginia Tech and has been training dogs from a very young age. The puppies are kept in Kim’s house in a special training area set up exclusively for the camp puppies to enhance their learning and playing, and also includes a video studio for Kim to take and send videos a few times per week. The videos are instructional in nature so that you can watch them and continue the training at home. Camp puppies are highly socialized by Kim’s family, including her two toddlers, along the way, which is helpful to teach puppies about children and how to behave around them. Kim regularly trains and competes in many dog sports (agility, herding, conformation, rally, obedience, lure coursing, and scent work) with her French Bulldogs and Belgian Sheepdogs. She has competed and traveled with dogs in the US and England, including shows as premier as Westminster and Crufts.

        You will have the opportunity to meet Kim at a training facility in Harrisonburg, VA when you pick up your puppy. She can answer your questions in person as they pertain to your puppy’s training.

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        This is Petey, almost 7 months old. He has not started to turn gray at all. He has only been groomed once so far around 5 months old or so. He weighs 59 lbs and is very loving, snuggly, and loyal. My 7 year old and 9 year old adore him. I lost a dog almost 2 years ago, a goldendoodle, very suddenly. He was the love of my life. His name was Gus. This is why we chose Petey, because of his dad. I didn't think I was ready, but knew my kids needed a dog. Petey has made me fall in love with him. He is constantly by my side with every move I make. Thank you Deb's Doodles! - Kristin


        Words cannot express how happy we are with Archie, from Deb's Doodles. I had always wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog but with my son's allergies, knew that wouldn't be possible. After speaking with Deb we got on the list for a Bernedoodle. Archie is a beautiful dog with a great character, he stops everyone in their tracks on our walks. The experience from start to finish was top notch. We love him!! - Matthew and Stacy


        We absolutely love our little guy ( well not so little getting bigger every day). It's so cute how he looks like a little Gus. We picked the brindle male from the bunch (boy blue now known as Tango) and instantly fell in love! He has his own Instagram page Tango0625 and we love connecting with all the other Sheepadoodles. We even met a few other puppies who had Gus as the dad. So cute! We love everything about this little guy, he is perfect. Thanks for raising such a sweet and healthy puppy. - Debbie and Jeff


        We just wanted to update you about our puppy Albus (formerly blue boy from Bridgette's summer litter). He recently won an award for our city's Top Dog and is featured on the cover of a local magazine. Just wanted to let you know that one of your puppies has achieved local fame! - Devra and Josh


        I got Gertrude “Gertie” 3 years ago from Deb! She is the happiest, most playful, and cuddly dog ever! She loves to go on adventures, swim, play with other dogs, or have a movie marathon on a rainy day! She was a fast learner when it came to training and gets along great with everyone she meets. My vet has only had good things to say as well. I can’t imagine my life with Gertie, thank you Deb for giving me my best friend! - Melissa


        In April 2013 our sweet Rudder Shelby was born. From our first exchange with Deb we knew it was meant to be and was going to be a great experience. Deb was there for us through every step of the way. We scheduled time to meet the two females that remained and immediately fell instantly in love. 

        Deb and family have an incredible love and passion and it shows through their dogs.  Almost 11 years later, our Rudder is the most amazing Goldendoodle with such and incredible disposition.  She has such a love for people and keeps us laughing and entertained. I highly recommend Deb’s Doodles! - Kirsten


         Sammy (birthdate 1/27/2020 - parents: Bandit & Henry) will be  4 years old  this coming January.  We are just thrilled with him & love him so much! Sammy was actually originally selected by someone. But for some reason was unable to take him.  So glad it turned out the way it did  You are welcome to use his photos if you like.  I am including puppy photos and adult.  Sammy is now 37 pounds.  We recently moved from Virginia to Florida.  Sammy loves it here!

        Thank you so much for making this wonderful experience possible! - Bev


        We have Stella (pink girl, Cowgirl/Gus 2-7-18) and Luna (purple girl, Shelby/Bear 4-12-22). They are both such sweet and loving dogs. When we decided to get a second sheepadoodle there was no doubt that we’d be returning to Deb’s, even though it meant an 18-hour round trip journey from KY to VA. Stella and Luna love people and other dogs! They have been wonderful with our two children and especially love going to doggie daycare for play-days! Thank you for two such special additions to our family! - The Brubakers


        We picked up Wallaboo(boy orange) from Debs Doodles in June. He is definitely the highlight of every day. He is so smart and sweet.  

        Wallaboo is the puppy of Harmony and Bear . He looks just like Bear to us. We fell in love with him from the weekly videos.

        Our veterinarian was so impressed with the detailed notebook sent home with him that included everything from the best foods, treats, and training tips. He was sent home with a heartbeat puppy who he loves!! 

         Wallaboo's markings are beautiful. The groomer loves his beautiful coat. The vet says he is healthy and strong. - Tamara


        Our puppy Waverly is from Pippa's litter in early 2020. He's actually named after the street we met on in college. 

        Waverly, one of Pippa's puppies from 2020, is an absolute dream of a dog! He is smart, witty and incredibly adaptable. He has been easy to train, a joy to walk, and loves to play ball! He loves to be around humans, and takes special care of our nieces and nephews. He is a beautiful dog, in perfect health, who brings us tons of laughter and joy each day! Our lives are infinitely better because Waverly is in it! Thank you so much for giving us our best friend. - Hannah & Luke