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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the joy and happiness our precious puppies have brought to their new homes! On this page, we celebrate the heartwarming journeys of our furry companions as they embark on their adventures with loving families.

We take pride in the careful breeding and nurturing of each and every puppy. Our commitment to responsible breeding practices ensures that our puppies are not only adorable but also healthy, well-socialized, and ready to become cherished members of their forever families.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

We are proud of our solid reputation for healthy, happy puppies. All of our Parent dogs are OFA and genetically tested. We are so confident in the lineage of our puppies that we offer a Two-Year Genetic Health Guarantee. If your puppy is found to have life-threatening, crippling, and/or disabling congenital (genetic) health defects, we’ll replace your puppy free of charge.

What is not covered in the health guarantee?

We cannot guarantee our puppies against illness or opportunistic parasites brought on by stress such as moving (from our house to yours) or shipping. We also can’t guarantee that our puppies will be “worm-free”, as this is an ongoing process. However, these are easily and economically treated and should be discussed with your veterinarian at your first visit.

We are not responsible if a puppy contracts a communicable disease or infection after leaving our possession. Also, this Health Guarantee does not include improper bites, hernias, any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury.

Do you offer puppy training?

We offer a 3-week board and train camp for your puppy. Your puppy will learn how to sleep in a crate, to walk on a leash, basic commands, and will be started on house training. The cost of the training is $2400 and includes a collar, leash and the 2nd round of vaccination shots.

Do you microchip?

We are a strong advocate of the microchip, and each of our puppies goes home with a microchip. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and could save your puppy’s life. The microchip is inserted with a hypodermic needle between a puppy’s shoulder blades in a process that is described by our veterinarian as no more painful than a flu shot. It works something like a bar code, and is an invaluable tool in reuniting lost pets with their families. There is no fee for the chip. Your only responsibiity is to register the chip in the PetLink database. We recommend having your pets scanned regularly to be sure the chips are readable, and would emphasize that you remember to register the chip and make sure the registry information is kept up-to-date when you move or transfer ownership of your puppy

Do you spay/neuter?

Please Note: Our puppies are sold as pets only. We do not sell to breeders. We have a strict spay / neuter contract.

Do you ship?

You are welcome to fly in to get your puppy. Our puppies will fit under your seat in a carrier. Our closest airports are Charlottesville (CHO), Richmond (RIC), Dulles (IAD) and Reagan (DCA).

We also use and recommend Flight Nannies and Ground Transportation options. Flight nannies fly with your puppy under their seat to your closest airport, where you will meet your new puppy as they come off the plane. We have found them to be extremely thorough, caring, and dilligent; and we highly recommend them when you can’t come in person to pick up your puppy. The current cost of the flight nanny is $525 – $625.

We also have a ground transportation delivery service where drivers bid on your transport request and you select from the options presented to you. Please contact us for more details on any of these options.

How do you ensure the health of your puppies?

We prioritize the health of our puppies through [regular veterinary check-ups / vaccination schedules / health screenings]. Each puppy is raised in a clean and nurturing environment

What kind of socialization do your puppies receive?

Our puppies are raised in a family setting and receive ample socialization with humans and other animals from a young age.

Can I get references from previous puppy buyers?

Certainly, we can provide you with references from satisfied buyers who have adopted puppies from us in the past.

How do you handle transportation for out-of-town puppy buyers?

We can assist with arranging transportation for out-of-town buyers through reliable pet transport services.

What if I can no longer care for the puppy?

We have a [return policy / rehoming assistance program] in place to ensure that our puppies find suitable homes, even if circumstances change

How do you socialize your puppies with other animals and people?

Our puppies are exposed to various socialization experiences, including interactions with other pets, children, and different environments

What steps do you take to prevent common puppy health issues?

We take preventive measures such as regular vet check-ups, proper nutrition, and a clean living environment to minimize the risk of common health problems

What kind of socialization do your puppies receive?

Our puppies are raised in a family setting and receive ample socialization with humans and other animals from a young age.

Do you provide any training resources for new puppy owners?

Yes, we offer [training guides / recommended resources] to help new owners with puppy training, behavior, and basic care.

What if a chosen puppy isn't the right fit for my family?

If a puppy doesn’t seem to be the right fit, we have a [return policy / exchange option] to ensure that both the puppy and your family are well-suited.

How do you handle potential genetic or hereditary issues in your breeding program??

We prioritize genetic testing and carefully select breeding pairs to minimize the risk of passing on hereditary issues to our puppies.

What's your philosophy on responsible breeding?

We adhere to ethical breeding practices that prioritize the health, well-being, and proper care of both the puppies and their parents.

What sets your breeding program apart from others?

Our commitment to health, socialization, responsible breeding practices, and ongoing support sets us apart and ensures the best possible experience for our puppy buyers.

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The Process

Step 1

There is a $300 deposit to hold a puppy. Deposits are placed on upcoming litters, and customers with deposits get priority in the selection process on a first-in first-out basis. Deposit customers may select the puppy of their choice in the order of deposit. We do not take deposits based on the gender or color of the puppy.

Step 2

We do not require an application to make a deposit. Instead, we conduct a 30 minute phone call with our prospective buyers prior to our puppies going home. We feel that a phone interview gives us all the information we need to make an assessment and get to know our buyers first-hand.

Step 3

Deposits are refundable and transferable. If for some reason you are unable to take a puppy, you may opt to roll your deposit to a future litter or we will also refund your deposit. Balance payment is due at puppy pickup. You will receive our contract and an option to pay by check, Venmo or with a credit card. There is a 3.5% handling fee to use a credit card.
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