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Meet our Trained Puppies

When training space is available, we select a few “standout” puppies in our litters to enroll in our highly sought-after puppy preschool program! These puppies are selected for their temperaments and trainability.

Meet Wish! 

Wish is a mini-Bernedoodle born on 1/02/24. She weighed 10 pounds at 12 weeks of age!

Wish is currently in training to become an Emotional Support Dog and a Therapy Dog. Wish has been learning basic commands (sit, down, place). She is learning to focus on her handler and to ignore other distractions. She has also traveled to schools and commercial public places. Along with potty training, Wish is learning basic house manners. She is currently sleeping 8 hours in her crate without accidents. Wish is comfortable with daily brushing, and weekly nail trimming.

Wish is a happy girl who is up for any adventure! She loves to run and explore the world but on rainy days she’s happy snuggled up in your lap.

Wish has a solid training foundation and will thrive as her training continues. She loves to learn and continued training throughout her life will increase her ability to perform her job.

Wish’s price is currently $7,000 and will increase as she continues to learn more and more skills. If you are interested in meeting or learning more about Wish please reach out to Debbie via email!

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